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Self-introduction and curriculum vitae of Associate Professor Zhi-Ren Tsai: Zhi-Ren Tsai received his Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from Chang Gung University, Taoyuan City in 2001. He is currently an associate professor with the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Asia University. His research interests include computer vision, adaptive control, artificial intelligence, robotics, internet of things, multi-GPU, big data, embedded system, and power electronics. The following papers are my researches:

  1. Late-onset epilepsy and subsequent increased risk of dementia,Aging-US,SCI,2021
  2. A pattern recognition methodology with a psychological analysis on the schizophrenic clustering behaviors for the eHealth application,JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY,SCI,2019
  3. Robustness of adaptive pattern recognition,JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY,SCI,2018
  4. Enhancing Design of a Visual-Servo Delayed System,Journal of Electronic Science and Technology,EI,2018
  5. Model-based Adaptive Predictive Control with Visual Servo of a Rotary Crane System,Journal of Electronic Science and Technology,EI,2018
  6. A study on the registration strategy for a scant overlap problem with a robot,JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY,SCI,2018
  7. Wireless stereo vision for an omnidirectional robot,JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY,SCI,2018
  8. A Warning to Change Driver’s Behavior by Using Fatal Vehicle Crash Events and Government Surveillance Cameras,JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY,SCI,2018
  9. Multipurpose design of an LED dimming system,JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY,SCI,2017
  10. Real-Time Human Body Motion Capturing System,Journal of Electronic Science and Technology,EI,2017
  11. A study on an energy consumption model correlated to abnormal behavior by contactless method,COMPUTERS IN HUMAN BEHAVIOR,SSCI,2017
  12. A study on the robustness and adaptation of unknown nonlinear control system,JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY,SCI,2017
  13. Two-stage digital redesign of a cooling system with time delay by dither,JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY,SCI,2017
  14. Relax the Chaos-Model-based Human Behavior by Electrical Stimulation Therapy Design,COMPUTERS IN HUMAN BEHAVIOR,SSCI,2016
  15. Adaptive MIMO Supervisory Control Design Using Modeling Error,MATHEMATICAL PROBLEMS IN ENGINEERING,SCI,2015
  16. Robust Image Process of Corresponding Lines using Moving-window Method,Applied Mechanics and Materials,EI,2013
  17. Switched Two-Level H∞ and Robust Fuzzy Learning Control of an Overhead Crane,MATHEMATICAL PROBLEMS IN ENGINEERING,SCI,2013
  18. Neural-fuzzy digital strategy of continuous-time nonlinear systems using adaptive prediction and random-local-optimization design,MATHEMATICAL PROBLEMS IN ENGINEERING,SCI,2013
  19. Adaptive Neuron-Like Control of Time-Delay Systems Enhanced with Feed-Forward and Supervisory Strategies,MATHEMATICAL PROBLEMS IN ENGINEERING,SCI,2013
  20. Robust digital design of continuous-time nonlinear control systems using adaptive prediction and random-local-optimal NARMAX model,APPLIED MATHEMATICS AND COMPUTATION,SCI,2013
  21. Robust Kinect-based guidance and positioning of a multidirectional robot by Log-ab recognition,EXPERT SYSTEMS WITH APPLICATIONS,SCI,2013
  22. Optimal fuzzy tracking control of uncertain nonlinear systems based on genetic algorithms and fuzzy Lyapunov function,JOURNAL OF INTELLIGENT & FUZZY SYSTEMS,SCI,2012
  24. Adaptive predictive control of input-delay motor systems enhanced with supervisory strategies,PROCEEDINGS OF THE INSTITUTION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS PART I-JOURNAL OF SYSTEMS AND CONTROL ENGINEERING,SCI,2012
  25. H-inf neural-network-based discrete-time fuzzy control of continuous-time nonlinear systems with dither,MATHEMATICAL PROBLEMS IN ENGINEERING,SCI,2011
  26. Efficient 3D registration using two-stage scheme and spatial filter,International Journal of Innovative Computing Information and Control,SCI,2010
  27. Robust self-tuning fuzzy tracker design of time-varying nonlinear systems via conditional-LMI approach,International Journal of Innovative Computing Information and Control,SCI,2010
  28. Efficient 3D registration using two-stage scheme and spatial filter,International Journal of Innovative Computing Information and Control,SCI,2010
  29. Adaptive tracker design with identifier for pendulum system by conditional LMI method and IROA,IEICE TRANSACTIONS ON FUNDAMENTALS OF ELECTRONICS COMMUNICATIONS AND COMPUT,SCI,2009
  30. 3D registration of human face using evolutionary computation and kriging interpolation,Artificial Life,EI,2008
  31. Robustness design of fuzzy control for nonlinear multiple time-delay large-scale systems via neural-network-based approach,IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SYSTEMS MAN AND CYBERNETICS PART B-CYBERNETICS,SCI,2008
  32. Robust fuzzy stabilization of dithered chaotic systems using island random optimal algorithm,INFORMATION SCIENCES,SCI,2008
  33. Robust fuzzy control and evolutionary fuzzy identification of singularly perturbed nonlinear systems with parameter uncertainty,ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING,SCI,2008
  34. Fuzzy tracker with self-tuning PID and identifier design using conditional-LMI and improved random optimal algorithm,IEICE TRANSACTIONS ON FUNDAMENTALS OF ELECTRONICS COMMUNICATIONS AND COMPUT,SCI,2007
  35. Supervised adaptive PID control and time-varying fuzzy identifier of nonlinear dither systems,ELECTRONICS LETTERS,SCI,2007
  36. Supervised adaptive control of unknown nonlinear systems using fuzzily blended time-varying canonical model,LECTURE NOTES IN COMPUTER SCIENCE,SCI,2007
  37. A fuzzy Lyapunov function approach for robust fuzzy control design of nonlinear systems with model uncertainties,Tamkang Journal of Science and Engineering,EI,2007
  38. Robust stabilization of nonlinear multiple time-delay large-scale systems via decentralized fuzzy control,IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON FUZZY SYSTEMS,SCI,2005
  39. Taming chaotic systems with dithers,PHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA,SCI,2001
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  1. Deep learning for image recognition of traffic big data to predict a danger index,2018-2019
  2. Capture and manage Taiwanese traffic data by using artificial intelligence and video processing method,2017-2018
  3. Big SHRP2 NDS data analysis to interpret the most common cause of traffic accidents and the optimal switching time of traffic lights,2016-2017
  4. Predict schizophrenia behavior by stereo-vision skeleton database and panoramic camera,2014-2016
  5. Develop the long-term healthcare services of omnidirectional robots based on rapid stereo-map reconstruction and position algorithms,2013-2014
  6. Develop some applications based on visual-servo and brightness-servo omnidirectional car,2012-2013
  7. Some future vision-servo concepts and pilot experiments by using embedded system for an omni-directional robotic platform,2010-2012
  8. A stereo-vision-based measurement and registration system using space band-pass filter and evolutionary algorithm,2009-2010
  9. A Free Points Measurement System Using Phase Matching Method Based on Multi-Cameras and Structured Light Projection,2008-2009
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  1. My Ar.Drone2 dances when it sees the QR code and listens to the music. Enjoy !
  2. My omnidirectional robot follows the crutch to help elder to carry the heavy stuff. Enjoy !
  3. My omnidirectional robot has the function of obstacle avoidance happily. Enjoy !
  4. Each robot sees the map and goes to there by itself. Enjoy !
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  1. Information Mathematics
  2. Mobile Applications Software Development
  3. Mobile Device Programming
  4. IOS APP Programming
  5. Introduction to Database Systems
  6. Artificial Intelligence
  7. HTML5 Cross-Platform Programing
  8. Programming of Cross-Platform Mobile Devices
  9. Embedded System Programming
  10. Android Kernel/Framework Systems Integration
  11. Programming of Mobile Device for Robot
  12. Digital Archives
  13. Programming for Windows 8 App
  14. Special topics on Android embedded system applications
  15. Graphics and animation
  16. Embedded Mobile System Programming
  17. Information and Technology
  18. Network Programming
  19. Information and Life
  20. Calculus
  21. Signals and systems
  22. Fuzzy Theory
  23. Digital Signal Processing
  24. Multi-Media Process Programming
  25. Digital System Design Lab
  26. An introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Expert System
  27. Artificial intelligence and expert systems
  28. C programming Language
  29. Linear algebra
  30. Digital system laboratory
  31. Introduction to digital system
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  1. A Study on Internet of Things for Mushroom Cultivation in high humidity house,2017
  2. Develop an internet of things system with identifying pests and leaf diseases by CIELAB and evolutionary neural network method,2014
  3. Development of an asynchronous communication system for elder care,2013
  4. The Digitization System Development About The High-Priced Crops Greenhouse-The Case of Medicinal,2012
  5. Development of Long Distance Wireless Double-Loop Mobile LED Dimming System,2012
  6. Adaptive prediction stereo-vision-servo design of large-scale ommidirectional robot for entering garage,2011
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  1. IET Control Theory & Applications,Reviewer,2011-09-01~2012-06-23
  2. Mathematical Problems in Engineering,Reviewer,2013-03-23~2013-06-23
  3. International Journal of Engineering, Science and Technology,Reviewer,2013-08-10~2013-08-19
  4. TELKOMNIKA Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering,Reviewer,2013-08-21~2013-09-18
  5. Mathematical Problems in Engineering,Reviewer,2013-11-26~2014-02-26
  6. International Journal of Systems Science,Reviewer,2015-08-31~2015-09-19
  7. Neural Processing Letters,Reviewer,2016-08-30~2016-10-10
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  1. Analysis and application of autoencoders’s features from addiction data of questionnaire - 9th International Multi-Conference on Engineering and Technology Innovation,2020
  2. Tea Verification Using Triplet Loss Convolutional Network - 9th International Multi-Conference on Engineering and Technology Innovation,2020
  3. Random Sampling Deep Learning Mechanism for Discovering Unique Property of No Specific Local Feature Images - The First IEEE International Conference on Cognitive Machine Intelligence,2019
  4. A study on the robustness of adaptive pattern recognition - The 10th International Conference on Digital Image Processing,2018